Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sandcastles. . .and rain!

So it's been a while! A lot has changed so far all for the better of course!

Last October (2012), B and I went on holiday to Menorca (Punta Prima to be precise) and although for the most part the weather wasn't too great, we did get a nice slot of sunshine to go to the beach one day.  I took utmost advantage of this for my bucket list item - build sandcastles with a loved one.  Now in all fairness, we had no bucket and no spade but we did manage to build some interesting looking sandcastles!! Interestingly, it did start raining mid way through our beach trip, also some naked old man was walking around with everything hanging out so. . .yeah interesting, funny and a great memory!

Meg xxx <3

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James

Well I heard all of the hype, I listened to numerous people pestering me to read it and so I gave in. I read the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  Wow. Overrated springs to mind. . .here's another word for it: filth! But yet I couldn't find myself to put it down. It was almost like a love/hate relationship with the book because I loved to hate it yet I hated to love it.

The story follows the sinister love life of Mr Christian Grey - a young, successful business man who has some seriously strange. . .needs? That is the only word I can use I think! His chance encounter with Ana Steele leads to a very perplexing situation arising. . .the trilogy follows there weird and wonderful relationship through all of it's ups and downs.

A lot of it is very sexually explicit and for some people, may go a little bit too far.  I have to say there was definitely parts where I felt that the novel became less about the story and more about sex the question every reader must ask themselves is: are they the same thing - the story and sex?

Fifty Shades has become a sensation over the past few months and the film rights have been purchased...a long way for a story which started out as Twilight fan fiction methinks

Meg <3

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This book is FABULOUS but devastatingly sad. Warning: I cried. Lots! This book explores the journey made by Hazel as she falls in love and travels to Amsterdam with her one true love to meet the author of their favourite book.  All sounds rosy however, Hazel has a diagnosis of terminal cancer.  The tragic love story is intertwined with humour and devastation all at once.  It is an excellent book and I don't feel that I can personally do the book justice in writing a review on it.
This one is one that I will never forget.
The first well deserved 5/5 that I can honestly give any book I've read that is on my list to read.
Meg <3

Fall in Love

So I haven't posted in a long time but I feel that now is the time to return to my little blog.  This is because I have completed one more thing on my bucket list.  As you may have guessed from the title, I fell in love.  How do I know? Well here are just a few things which suggest tis true:
1. Waking up every morning thinking of him
2. Going to sleep every night thinking of him
3. Butterflies in my tummy whenever I see him, think about him or speak to him.
4. The sense that my life would never be complete without him
5. Checking my phone every few minutes hoping to have a message from him.
6. Waiting up all night on that phone call just to know he's safe and thinking of me too.
7. Knowing that there is no way I could ever be with anyone else in the way I'm with him.
8. The safety of being with him.
9. Total trust in everything he does.
10. Knowing that I will be with him forever and always <3

So I know this was a soppy post, but I promised myself that I would keep a record of every item of my bucket list that I complete.  One down. . .
Meg xxx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Again as a result of hype and recommendations, I read the first of the Hunger Games trilogy.  I was pleasantly surprised I have to admit.  The Hunger Games is a futuristic look at America whereby it is split into 12 districts each with its own specialty product i.e. coal or graphite.  As a reminder of who is in charge of the districts, the Capitol host "The Hunger Games" each year.  This involves 2 contestants from each district (one male and one female) who are between the ages of 12 and 18.  The contestants have to compete against each other until the last person is standing.  The novel follows the Hunger Games in the eyes of Katniss Everdeen, a young girl who takes her sisters place as a contestant. . .the harrowing tale has ups and downs and unexpected twists which left me eager to read on. The novel is widely aimed at a younger audience however it is a very widely accessible story and will appeal to the younger generation as well as the more mature reader.

I literally read this in a night partly because it is like I mentioned, aimed at a younger audience but also because it is a very enjoyable read and Suzanne Collins has a very gripping way with words.

Overall, 4/5 and in reading this I realised I was FAR too generous in giving One Day a 3/5. . .consider that revoked and replaced with a 1/5 :)
Meg xxx

Monday, 27 February 2012

One Day by David Nicholls Review

So since yesterday, I have been reading David Nicholls' "One Day" after all the hype etc I wanted to find out for myself what the book was really like.  Gotta say, it is definitely not on my 100 books to read before I die list but like I said, all the hype lead me to think it was worth a shot.

The plot is a little different as the chapters are all dated a year on from the last one which seems a bit like it is trying too hard to be different (in my opinion!).  The whole book is based upon the relationship between Dexter and Emma who, in the beginning, spend one night (asleep!) together after graduation.  The book progresses through their life as they head down separate life paths; growing apart at times and closer at others. The disastrous life of Dexter in contrast to Emma's goody two shoes (yet unhappy) life.  Naturally, the two are helplessly in love with each other but have many obstacles in the way of their love (mainly self-imposed obstacles at that).  As standard with these types of romance, they predictably end up married after 20 years or so of chasing one another.  Then fate throws a cruel twist into the mix with devastating results.  (Guessed the end yet?)

This book was definitely not for me, I do feel it has been completely over rated and although David Nicholls is a fabulous author, this was not his best piece.

3/5 (being very generous!)
Meg <3

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bucket List

1. Be a size 10
2. Own a Mini Cooper
3. Be happy with the way I look
4. Write a list of 100 books I want to read
5. Have more self-confidence
6. Write a diary every day for at least 1 year
7. Become more fluent in Italian
8. Fly in 1st class
9. Own a turtle
10. Throw a proper dinner party
11. Write a list of 50 films to see
12. Achieve the "Complaint Free World" challenge
13. Get an anchor tattoo

Love and Family:
1. Fall in love
2. Get married
3. Build sandcastles with a loved one
4. Discover my family tree
5. Be kissed in the rain

1. Visit the Great Wall of China
2. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
3. Go to The Louvre
4. Celebrate New Year in Times Square
5. Go on Safari in Africa
6. Visit Auschwitz
7. Visit Ireland
8. Climb the Eiffel Tower

1. Own a home with a crystal/meditation room
2. Have a past life regression
3. Have Shamanic Soul Retrieval
4. Start a meditation journal

Achievements and Extras:
1. Write a book
2. Buy a plant and don't kill it
3. Solve a Rubik's Cube
4. Learn to Ice Skate
5. Go fire walking
6. Learn to make candles
7. See a West End Show
8. Graduate from Uni
9. Start a blog