Monday, 27 February 2012

One Day by David Nicholls Review

So since yesterday, I have been reading David Nicholls' "One Day" after all the hype etc I wanted to find out for myself what the book was really like.  Gotta say, it is definitely not on my 100 books to read before I die list but like I said, all the hype lead me to think it was worth a shot.

The plot is a little different as the chapters are all dated a year on from the last one which seems a bit like it is trying too hard to be different (in my opinion!).  The whole book is based upon the relationship between Dexter and Emma who, in the beginning, spend one night (asleep!) together after graduation.  The book progresses through their life as they head down separate life paths; growing apart at times and closer at others. The disastrous life of Dexter in contrast to Emma's goody two shoes (yet unhappy) life.  Naturally, the two are helplessly in love with each other but have many obstacles in the way of their love (mainly self-imposed obstacles at that).  As standard with these types of romance, they predictably end up married after 20 years or so of chasing one another.  Then fate throws a cruel twist into the mix with devastating results.  (Guessed the end yet?)

This book was definitely not for me, I do feel it has been completely over rated and although David Nicholls is a fabulous author, this was not his best piece.

3/5 (being very generous!)
Meg <3

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